Spring 2014
Fields are available this Sunday for practice, do to light demand we are not producing a schedule. WPWC teams are welcome to use any valley view field for practice.
Spring teams our now forming, If you are interested in fielding a team in our league please contact
Greg Thomas.
Here are the required documents team documents
Entry Form
Revised 2014 WPWC-COED By-Laws (the changes to the by laws are minor - see the section labeled "Rosters" and "Awards", the only other changes from our 2013 By-Laws are formatting).

The league fees are $1,110 and includes a nifty t-shirt for the division winners. The season begins on April 27th. Practice fields will be made available in early April on the 6th, 13th and the 20th (this is easter Sunday); you will need to reserve these fields through the league.

If you are interested in fielding a team in our league please contact
Greg Thomas. If you are interested in joining a team please place a post on our Facebook group.

League Information:
Our spring / summer season begins in late April and runs through early August (20 games). Our fall season begins in early September and ends in late October (early November). If you are interested in forming a new team please contact Greg Thomas.

Player Information:
In order to participate in our league you must be either a male or a female and at least 18 years old. You may also play if you are 16 or older with a parental consent form, please keep in mind that there is always the potential for personal injury, WPWC-COED has adapted rules to reduce this risk, however as with all sports (with high speed balls flying around) there is still risk. here is the consent form

Are you a player looking for a team? Or a manager looking to complete your team? Then please check out our Facebook group.

Reminder - weather related field cancellation numbers are:
703-792-3294 [VALLEY VIEW]
703-792-3281 [BEN LOMOND]
Bats: Verify your bats; your bat must be included on this ASA certified Bats and equipment. If your bat is not on this list - then it may not be used.
Balls: The 12" Tattoo ASA Approved .52/300 for men and the 11" Tattoo ASA Approved .44/375 for women and must have the Northern Virginia Logo will be the only allowable softball to be used in the League.